Announcing DEGA’s Integration on Boba Network to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming and Metaverse Development

Boba Network
2 min readNov 28, 2023


Boba Network, a leading multichain layer 2 optimistic rollup solution, is excited to announce a strategic integration with DEGA, a trailblazer in the development of advanced Web3 tools for gaming and Metaverse products. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology, particularly in the realms of scalability, security, and user experience. DEGA, established in November 2022, has rapidly gained traction in the market with its v1 API, garnering immediate success among AAA gaming studios, partners, and investors.

The company’s innovative approach, spearheaded by CEO and founder Carlos Rene, a visionary with a background in Ethereum development, focuses on enhancing blockchain technology to meet the growing demands of the Web3 gaming and Metaverse sectors.

The integration won Boba Network will leverage DEGA’s cutting-edge future offerings, including:

  • The Map Builder: Enabling on-chain publication of game maps.
  • The Character Builder: Facilitating the creation and on-chain publication of player avatars and NPCs, complete with animation capabilities.
  • The Gameplay Builder: Offering pre-built templates for various game genres, including battle royale, MOBA, and tower defense.
  • Elements Collection: Allowing in-game buffs for characters, items, and maps, coupled with $DEGA token yields and bonuses.
  • The AI Coder: An AI trained to utilize the DEGA API for game development within DEGA Realms.
  • Account Abstraction: Simplifying user onboarding with username and password access, eliminating the need for a wallet.
  • Custom In-game Economy: Empowering map owners to define the use of in-game currency and digital assets.

Boba Network’s integration with DEGA is a natural fit, given its commitment to unlocking the potential of rollup technology and enabling interoperability between blockchains and enterprise systems. The network’s compatibility with EVM-based tools and its deployment of multichain support for Ethereum and BNB aligns seamlessly with DEGA’s innovative solutions. Boba Network’s HybridCompute™ technology, which brings Web2 capabilities on-chain, will further enhance the development and user experience of DEGA’s offerings, providing developers with the tools to leverage off-chain compute and real-world data.

This partnership is set to create a paradigm shift in the Web3 gaming and Metaverse landscape, offering developers and users an unprecedented level of efficiency, scalability, and immersive experience.

About Boba Network: Boba Network is a multichain layer 2 optimistic rollup solution, renowned for its lightning-fast transactions and significantly reduced fees compared to layer-1 solutions. The network is dedicated to bridging the gap between blockchains and the real world, offering developers and users a robust platform for the future of decentralized applications.



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