Boba Network and DexSports Campaign Airdrop Campaign

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2 min readSep 25, 2023


The sports betting world is about to get more exciting! Announcing the collaborative campaign between Boba Network and DexSports. With a prize pool on the line and easy-to-achieve tiers, it’s time to place your bets and aim for the top rewards!

Prize Pool

A whopping total of 200,000 $DESU tokens and 5,000 $BOBA tokens are up for grabs in this campaign. Whether you’re casual or a seasoned enthusiast, everyone stands a chance to win from this prize pool.


To ensure a fair and broad playing field, the eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Platform: Only made on DexSports on Boba Ethereum will count towards this campaign.
  • Sport: You can place a prediction on ANY sport of your choice.
  • Minimum Bet: Must be at least $10 and the minimum odds must be 1.4x.

Tiers & Rewards

The reward distribution is based on the number of bets a participant places during the campaign. Here’s how the tiers are structured:

  1. 1st place gets 12 000 $DESU + 400 $BOBA.
  2. 2nd place gets 10 000 $DESU + 350 $BOBA.
  3. 3rd place gets 8 500 $DESU + 300 $BOBA.
  4. 4th place gets 7 000 $DESU + 200 $BOBA.
  5. 5th place gets 5 000 $DESU + 150 $BOBA.
  6. 6th–50th place gets 3 500 $DESU + 80 $BOBA each.

The prize distribution for each tier will be announced shortly, with top tiers receiving a higher share of the total prize pool.

Campaign Duration

The campaign will run for a total of 2 weeks, giving participants ample time to place their predictions and climb up the reward tiers. Make sure you start early to maximize your chances!


With such an impressive prize pool and easy-to-reach tiers, this campaign promises to be one of the most rewarding sports events of the year. It’s a golden opportunity for sports enthusiasts to combine their love for the game with the chance to win big.

Remember, every bet counts, and even if you’re a casual bettor, you stand a chance to bag some of those coveted $DESU and $BOBA tokens. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the exciting world of sports, place your predictions, and let the games begin!

Note: All participants are urged to bet responsibly and ensure they are of the legal age in their respective jurisdictions. Always read and understand the terms and conditions before participating.



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