Congratulations to Our Boba Royale Winners! 🎉

We are thrilled to announce our winners that participated in a recent event called Boba Royale. Educational videos, articles, and funny memes were received, and it’s a pleasure to see our community growing strongly and witnessing all the amazing talent in content creation.

Selecting the top 45 was pretty hard work. We did it. If you are interested in participating in a similar event like this, make sure to come to our Discord server, where we announce monthly a Bobarian of the Month with many benefits.

Let’s start showing you the winners here:

First place (500 $BOBA)

Eddyc — Blog Post

Second place (300 $BOBA)

Sammi (Youtube)

Third place (200 $BOBA)

@Obongxyprone (Twitter)

Next 10 winners (50 $BOBA each)

bandicoot.sol#2413 (Discord)

u/unlucko_ (Reddit)

@cryptok68779576 (Twitter)

@CivicSoldier (Telegram)

@GeorgeMihalac12 (Twitter)

PapStef#9589 (Discord)

@divedive16 (Twitter)

u/Forsaken-Newt8831 (Reddit)

0trippie0#3346 (Discord)

threepointoh#1617 (Discord)

Next winners (10 $BOBA each)


@Relax_555, @whatalucky, @dawarkunal703, @cryptosantia, @dearcountry07, @cryptocurrency10, @sova4nite, @archid9_, @klayytyn, @dhanny43867674, @animehighlight5, @StefanosPapaio3, @JulioRo97445269, @TetanaZelenova, @2439174959ee4c9, @Leplu2Plus, @Fergusson10John, @RickyFletcher59, @CamaroJemini2, @StelaM1221, @Polacobest80, @BehopeM, @noah_Webberr, @stephan_michels, @Komie_Silas, @cryptosantia.


Thinktwice#5130, obongxyprone#2124, JohnyJohn#7189, alexnavarrog#0389, Shigella#1404, Nostradamus#9630, Roger#6689, Lenis#2376, WhisperS#4329, Ether#6857, Honkz#1605, Turner#7756, Shiloung#4787, Eiden#5770.

If you have been selected as a winner, we will be getting in touch with you all to collect your info and send the rewards. It has been one of our most incredible experiences working closely with Boba’s community, and we’re sure this is just the beginning of a big story.

Thank you, Bobarians, for being part of the growth and engagement of this community! ❤️‍🔥



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