Crowning someone special..

Bobarians! You’ve earned this.

For the past few months, many of you have worked hard to make our Boba community a better place. Some of you have made helpful videos, some have written content, others have made hilarious memes, and still more were just plain old friendly, welcoming, and supportive in our community channels, showing new community members what it truly means to have the spirit of a Bobarian.

For all of this, we thank you.

Today, the crown has been dusted and polished, and the time has come to crown one of you Bobarian of the Month!

Before the big reveal, let’s take a moment to celebrate some of your coolest contributions we’ve come across so far.


Boba has been around for a while now and it’s amazing to see how many people are promoting and educating about the ecosystem. From the very beginning, you’ve been sharing tips about airdrops, reviews of new projects, and ecosystem news roundups. We feel grateful everyday feeling the love of Boba from within this community!

Some of the best content comes from YouTube: there seems like an endless supply with names like Mitchell Unknown, Dr Niki, Crypto Pandas, and so many others that we can’t even name you all. We are indeed proud of every contribution and charge you, fellow Bobarians, to press forward. Hoorah!


Can you hear the sound of birds chirping? And no, we’re not talking about Elon buying Twitter — we’re talking about the Bobarians who told the world about Boba in 280 characters!

We love seeing some of you take time out of your day to create content geared to informing others about what is going on inside of our community, like “how to” threads about bridging to $BOBA, commenting and sharing our special announcements, creating memes, or spreading the word to friends and family. We are taking note! Thank you for continuing to support us as we continue to grow!

We would like to give a special shoutout to @RobertE79486892 who has been spreading the Boba Love everywhere!


Last and certainly not least, one of you went above and beyond to create a really useful web resource. SoonTM_Finance created Boba Bridges, where you can easily find all the available routes to bridge to and from Boba, something that previously required clicking around to tons of different sites and took a lot of time.

This resource makes the new user experience so much better, so much that we’re building a version of it into the Boba Gateway!

You should go check out Boba Bridges and give a hearty thank to you @SoonTM_Finance!

Wrap Up

Whether via Youtube, Twitter, helping out in our Discord server, creating web pages, or Pepe and their hysterical memes; we see you and appreciate you all!

Bobarian of the Month is meant to recognize those of you who go above and beyond by putting your thinking caps on and making our community better, and every month one of you will be awarded a crown and a title of great prestige.

Bobarian of the Month! Your name will be seen and heard in all the lands, from Bobarian to Bobarian royalty as a token of our appreciation!

We charge you all, fellow Bobarians, to aid us in making $BOBA a better place; we promise you won’t regret it!


And finally, the moment you’ve all come here for. It’s time to crown the winner of the Bobarian of the Month award for April.

Your persistence, dedication and service did not go unseen!

Congratulations, Mitchell Unknown!

A few of the reasons as to why Mitchell Unknown:

  1. He has made multiple YouTube videos that have helped community members, new and old, get acquainted and learn about Boba Network
  2. His MUIs have been of great help as to fixing issues that made it easier for user engagement
  3. His ability to help the community with answering questions or just being helpful has boosted his standing with this close race!


Closing Notes

Thank you everyone for your hard work in the past month’s journey to becoming Bobarian of the month! There will be another BoM for the month of May! So keep up the great work and let’s make Boba the best!

We want to spread the love around! Therefore, one person will not be allowed to win BoM two months in a row unless the community votes for it. As we further develop the campaign, we always take community input and mold it as such.



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