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4 min readSep 2, 2022

Hello, fellow Bobarians!

It’s always a pleasure talking to you & we’re happy to do it at every possible opportunity — especially when we’re talking about important things!

As you all know by now, on Monday, we launched our Engineering Roadmap for the years 2022–2023! We couldn’t be more excited about this!

At first glance, it’s just a document. Still, in reality, the Boba Network Engineering Roadmap is more than that: it highlights our vision, our goal in scaling blockchains, and the direction & approach we’re going to employ in our future attempts to achieve this goal. It’s also an insight into what we think will happen in the future of the blockchain space and how we are preparing for this future.

In order to present our vision better, we will need to have more discussions with the public — this is why we’ve organized a Twitter Spaces AMA on Thursday with Kevin Riedl and Blendor Sefaj, members of ENG and MKT departments at, core contributors to the Boba Network project.

On the call, Kevin, our smart contract engineer, and Blendor, digital marketing manager, discussed the Engineering Roadmap plan, its importance and held a quick Q&A session with the listeners at the end.

We started with plans for the rest of 2022, kicking it off with veTokenomics: we’ve talked about veBoba, and its benefits for the BOBA community such as increasing active participation, and giving the community the power to vote & influence the network among other things.

We continued with more technical themes, starting with the Boba V3, Anchorage, and Boba L2 Rollup Client. In a nutshell: Boba V3 is preparing Boba Network to take a step higher, which will culminate in Anchorage, our own implementation of Optimism’s Bedrock specification, and a new L2 rollup client, based on the existing Erigon client.

As the majority of the L2 developers now use the geth client, this will be a welcomed addition to the ecosystem: faster and easier to set up in terms of system requirements, the Boba L2 Rollup client will be an additional step towards better client diversification, one of the important aspects in creating a decentralized network.

Rounding up 2022, we’ll be focusing on Multichain scaling and Hybrid Compute: successful deployments of Boba L2s on Moonbeam and Fantom testnets show us that “multichain” is not a buzzword anymore but, with every day passing, the new reality. Working with new L1s and enhancing Hybrid Compute will give us new opportunities to grow, uncover new business cases and make a difference for blockchain users around the world.

At this point, we have to give major props to Kevin, who took the time to give us great insights, find really good comparisons (helpful for us non-engineers!), raise great questions, and generally keep the discussion simple & entertaining. Check out this Twitter recording here to expand your knowledge & maybe find some alpha for Boba Network’s future plans! :)

Turning our focus to 2023, we’ll be seeing Boba Network venturing into more complex topics, that will improve not only Boba Network but also other EVM-compatible chains: Escape Hatches to L1, Delay code upgrades, Rollup Account Abstraction, researching Hybrid OR x ZK, EVM parallel transactions… people will be asking: why?

We are building things with the future and greater blockchain community in mind. Every advancement in the blockchain space was possible by discoveries and open source contributions of people before us. It only makes sense to give back to the community & follow the open source ethos, as in the long run this will make the space only stronger & better.

What goals do we want to achieve?

We want to enable the developers to build things that haven’t been possible previously. With a single account by which other accounts can be derived (Rollup Account Abstraction).

We want to make more secure blockchains, with a better user experience. By providing the users with the option to wilfully leave the rollup at any time without incurring a loss (Escape hatches to L1, Delay code upgrades).

We want to make more scalable and better blockchains. By studying the advantages/disadvantages of both optimistic rollups and ZK rollups and implementing new findings. By allowing accessing different transactions at the same time (EVM parallel transactions).

After a great conversation with Kevin and Blendor, we continued with a small Q&A session, where our community posed a lot of interesting questions. Feel free to listen to them on the Twitter Spaces recording here:

Thanks for listening — don’t worry, we’ll be organizing these types of conversations more in the future: stay tuned!



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