It’s that time of the month again.

Bobarian of the Month for June!

The past few months have a been a roller coaster. From full market capitulation to relief to more liquidations. However, our community has been growing and getting stronk. Out of the darkness, arises our new golden Bobarian!

Let’s run through our submissions for the month of June before crowning the new Bobarian of the Month.


Since most of 4chan is anonymous, it’s very hard to know who to reach out to 🥲. However, someone, or a few people, have been posting some hilarious things on 4chan/biz for Boba Network. Disclaimer: This platform may not be suitable for everyone.


More and more people are starting to show love and support for Boba Network and it’s always amazing to see! There have been multiple threads that do an excellent job in explaining their view of how multi-chain is going to change the Layer 2 space and a few on how you can participate within the ecosystem.


People love memes and we’ve seen an increasing number of Bobarians posting memes to spread the boba vibes.

Join our Discord to enjoy the full Boba meme experience. Some are degenerate, some are funny, and all are appreciated.

Now to announce the Bobarian of the Month….

Congratulations to S A M M I Ξ (obongxyprone) on being named the new BOM!

Sammie has been actively supporting Boba across multiple platforms. From the development of his how-to YouTube video, to meme creation, to his high-level support for fellow community members on Discord, Sammie’s efforts have propelled him above all other contenders. At Boba Network, our community is all about gud vibes and helping those who need it. Sammie has achieved both, and therefore, has been crowned as the new Bobarian Maxi.

Lastly, I would like to answer a question that we’ve received in June regarding the Bobarian of the Month contest.

Do these Bobarians receive any sort of incentives? I would like some instruction on how to become one 😀
-The answer is, “yes”. Our previous BOM’s have received rewards for their hard work, which has included swag, recognition, and boba tokens.

For us at Boba Network, community means everything. We do not want to call them incentives but rather a show of appreciation for the hard work that everyone provides to make our community the best. From top-down within the organization, we all appreciate our members. Therefore, we welcome anyone to become part of the Boba Family!



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