Open Games Builders to Deploy on Boba Network

Boba Network
2 min readSep 16, 2023

The blockchain landscape is set for a notable enhancement as Open Games Builders, backed by industry titan Google, confirms its deployment on the renowned Boba Network. This synergistic collaboration underscores the evolution of blockchain gaming, emphasizing faster transactions and diminished costs.

Boba Network, the only multichain layer 2, is recognized for its capability to tap the potential of rollup technology. This, in turn, paves the way for streamlined interoperability between diverse blockchains and real-world applications. Given Boba Network’s compatibility with EVM-based tools and its successful multichain support for platforms like Ethereum and BNB this integration with Open Games Builders is set to redefine blockchain gaming dynamics.

Open Games Builders has carved a niche in the gaming sphere, introducing innovative solutions by leveraging blockchain technology. With a significant reduction in the time required for integrating web3 and blockchain systems, their deployment on Boba Network complements the latter’s efficiency-driven ethos.

A few anticipated outcomes from this deployment include:

  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: Boba Network’s capabilities, combined with Open Games Builders’ expertise, promise an unparalleled gaming journey for users.
  • Broadened Interoperability: Leveraging Boba Network’s multichain L2 solution, gamers can experience seamless operations across their chosen settlement layers.
  • Optimized Transaction Dynamics: Boba Network’s inherent feature that allows vastly reduced transaction fees finds synergy with Open Games Builders’ solutions, ensuring users enjoy affordable gaming sessions.

Open Games Builders’ innovative “Proof of Gaming” consensus mechanism, known for its energy efficiency compared to standard blockchains, aligns with the objectives and offerings of Boba Network.

About Boba Network: Boba Network stands as a foremost multichain layer 2 optimistic rollup solution, ensuring efficient and affordable transactions across multiple blockchains, while promoting seamless interoperability and enhanced user experiences.

About Open Games Builders: Endorsed by Google, Open Games Builders focuses on transforming the gaming realm with trailblazing blockchain solutions. Its robust team and strategic alliances position it to usher in the next era of blockchain gaming.



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