Pyth Network Integrates into Boba Network to Elevate Decentralized Finance Experience

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2 min readOct 31, 2023


The integration with Pyth Network, a distinguished oracle solution known for providing high-fidelity financial market data to DeFi applications, is set to further bolster Boba Network’s offerings. This integration ensures that Boba Network users will have unparalleled access to real-time financial market data, thereby broadening the spectrum of decentralized applications on the platform.

Pyth Network At A Glance:

  • 350+ Data Feeds engineered to meet the security, accuracy, and reliability standards of DeFi.
  • 220+ Apps trust Pyth data, including DEX’s, lending protocols, and derivatives platforms.
  • 35+ Blockchains actively receive Pyth real-time market data to power their DeFi ecosystem.
  • 50M+ Updates per day allow for more precise and secure operations for your smart contracts.

A standout feature of Boba Network, HybridCompute™ technology, which seamlessly integrates Web2 capabilities on-chain, will now be augmented by Pyth Network’s robust and accurate price feeds. This synergy promises developers on the Boba Network an enhanced toolkit, combining off-chain compute with real-world data, to craft richer decentralized application experiences.

For the end-users, this integration signifies an era of enhanced data access and versatility. Pyth Network’s deployment marks a pivotal moment in the DeFi and blockchain sector, assuring users of an unmatched experience and offering developers a state-of-the-art platform for innovation

It’s Easy as:

For more information you can head over to their documentation to learn more!



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