Run it back.

Introducing the new Bobarian of the Month

We are here to announce the second Bobarian of the Month!

Last month, Boba Network received amazing submissions from the community. From Youtube videos, in-depth threads, and even web tools developed to help the community. Ultimately, Mitchell Unknown has been chosen as Bobarian of the Month (or BOM) with his efforts in helping Boba members with his helpful videos and responses on SM channels.

We would like to thank Mitchell for being an outstanding member of the Boba Community but starting May 1st, we’ve started looking for the next BOM. It has been decided that Bobarians can win multiple times but not consecutively. This was implemented to allow other members to win and have a chance to taste sweet recognition.

Let’s dive into this month’s submissions 🤿


A legendary Pepe, @omg_its_pepe with the help of SKP, has come out of the mist to share a weekly round-up of all things Boba in the channel, Boba Spills. Boba Spills includes information such as new announcements, partnerships, or even “rumors” (alfa?). This is a worthy account to follow if you want to keep up to date on all things Boba.

We would like to give special shoutouts to @Obongxyprone, @Oc3anW, @mitchbooy, @PeskyFuturist, and many more!

Thank you all for supporting Boba Network on twitter ❤


The meme game over our discord channel has shot through the roof! These are one of the best memes we’ve seen for a while. We appreciate all those with the artistic flair to create memes that lighten our days through this bear market. obongxyprone, Mr.Fantastic, bandicoot.sol and Wandergard have been killing it! Check the memes out on our discord!

Thank you guys for giving us all a smile!


Instagram has been a key component to the growth of Boba Network on social media. We’d like to highlight boba.network_community for their amazing work on developing memes, content, and great vibes for the IG community.

We know that they have put insane amounts of work to get it running from the ground up when Boba Network needed help. For that, we appreciate you!

Now to announce the winner….

Congratulations to Pepe! He has been instrumental in helping fellow community members embrace Boba Network and the mission we strive for. The Boba round-ups and the amount of work put into researching Boba have been incredible to say the least.

Let’s give it up for him and let’s look forward to the month of June! Bobarians are ruthless and always bring good vibes. Feel free to contact me in Telegram for anything you’d like to do but would want some input as well



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