So, What’s New in the Tree Frog 🐸 Release?

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2 min readAug 9, 2022

Ok it’s time to talk about the terrific Tree Frog release of the Boba Network! The Tree Frog (v0.1.0) release includes a lot of small, yet integral changes that will enhance our users’ overall experience as we work to integrate the newly-released Bobascan. Check it out!

Bobascan Has Arrived!

First of all, what is Bobascan? Bobascan allows you to explore and search for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices, and other activities taking place on the Boba Network.

As you can see, Bobascan allows you to easily see the latest transactions on the Boba Network, and of course if you already know your Address, transaction hash, Batch ID, or Token ID, then you can easily search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ve Cleaned Up Our Plumbing

We’ve implemented a ton of bug fixes with the Boba Deployer and improved performance on the Gateway. Plus, we cleaned up our integration tests internally, and made our documentation to be more accurate to reflect the changes we’ve made to incorporate Bobascan.

Oh, Yeah… And “Head’s Up” to Our Community!

For those that have contributed to our amazing community, we’ve also changed the template used for making pull requests (PRs) or reporting issues, so heads up!

As always, we’re extremely grateful to our community, and we’re always working hard to keep you guys innovating on our network.

So, see you in the next update!

Are you a developer interested in the technical details of Tree Frog (v0.1.0)? Check out our Tree Frog v0.1.0 Developer Release Notes.



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