Teahouse Finance deploys on Boba Network

Boba Network
2 min readSep 15, 2023

Exciting news that Teahouse Finance is deploying on Boba Network!

About Teahouse Finance

Teahouse Finance stands as a prominent multi-strategy DeFi platform in the field of cryptocurrency asset management. Functioning similarly to conventional hedge funds, the platform serves both corporate and individuals, offering secure and transparent avenues for growing their cryptocurrency assets. With a range of diverse investment strategies, Teahouse Finance caters to users of varying risk appetites and investment goals. Users have the flexibility to choose strategies that align most closely with their unique requirements. A dedicated team of experts at Teahouse Finance manages these strategies, striving to achieve optimal performance despite the volatile and complex nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Why Boba Network?

Boba Network is an advanced multichain layer 2 optimistic rollup solution designed to unleash the potential of rollup technology and enable interoperability between various blockchains and the real world. The protocol offers full compatibility with EVM-based tools and has already achieved multichain support for prominent blockchains like Ethereum and BNB. This facilitates lightning-fast transactions while reducing fees significantly — often by 40–100X compared to their respective layer-1 fees.

Notably, Boba Network’s HybridCompute™ technology brings the power of Web2 on-chain, thus enabling developers to make use of off-chain compute capabilities and real-world data for a richer decentralized application experience. This means that users can easily manage digital assets, create smart contracts, play games, and explore a plethora of other applications.

The Synergy

Through its integration with Boba Network, Teahouse Finance has substantially improved the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its asset management solutions. This collaboration is not just in line with Teahouse Finance’s core mission, but it also elevates the user experience on multiple fronts. Leveraging Boba’s layer 2 capabilities, Teahouse Finance aspires to offer a seamless user experience with a deposit-and-hold methodology. The team at Teahouse Finance is extremely enthusiastic about this new venture and is highly optimistic about the future benefits for its user community.



Boba Network

Boba Network is delivering a faster, cheaper, smarter, more seamless experience for the next billion users of Ethereum.