The makings of a legendary Bobarian

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2 min readAug 2, 2022

Making a difference

Bobarian of the Month has started as a way to show appreciation by highlighting the energy and enthusiasm that our community has shown us and the rest of the world. We’ve had many amazing submissions since the genesis of BoM and have seen different ways in which the community has shown their support.

During these times of uncertainty in the market, the community is always first. Some of the ways the community has been involved: Feedback as constructive criticism, outreach for partnerships, and ideas on how to grow the network together. We’re constantly looking at our community to make this a mutual growth.

Month of July

For July, we’ve been looking for consistency. This is not to overlook all those who have hyped Boba Network and the work they’ve provided. This is to show appreciation to those who have been consistently sticking with us through thick and thin on the web and those who have been doing it behind the scenes (please reach out to me @gkim22 on TG or Gian | Bobarino#3715 on discord if you are behind the scenes).

It’s our pleasure to announce that this month, one member stood out the most in our eyes. It’s safe to say that he is an upstanding member of the community providing information to his fellow Bobarians. We’d like to welcome back Pepe, @omg_its_pepe on TG, omg it’s pepe#5257 on Discord. His weekly Boba Spills and efforts in creating memes, providing feedback, and constructive criticism propelled him again to new heights of what it means to be a Bobarian of the Month. Consistency, consistency, consistency…

Big Shoutout

We’d like to take this time to shine a light on someone who has relentlessly shared Boba Network on twitter, @RobertE79486892. They have been working on spreading the word to multiple places far and wide. He’s been off a hiatus and is back full force!



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