Transforming Trade Finance: Zoth’s Deployment on Boba Network

Boba Network
2 min readApr 3, 2024

In a significant leap forward for digital finance, Zoth has announced its deployment on Boba Network Ethereum, marking a new era for investors and businesses alike. As an institutional-grade fixed income marketplace, Zoth is setting a new standard for accessing high-quality fixed income assets through stable coins. The platform’s focus on cross-border trade finance receivables, sovereign bonds, and money market funds, including T-bills, aims to significantly enhance economic dynamics.

Capitalizing on Boba Network’s Advanced Capabilities

Zoth’s choice to deploy fully on BobaETH leverages the latter’s exceptional transaction speeds and reduced costs. Boba Network enhances Zoth’s operational efficiency and ensuring a seamless integration with the broader Ethereum ecosystem through EVM-compatible tools.

Addressing the Core Challenges of Trade Finance

Issues such as restricted access to USD, prolonged transaction times, exorbitant capital costs for businesses, and the lack of transparency and satisfactory returns for lenders and liquidity providers are being tackled head-on. Zoth’s innovative approach aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and on-chain finance using stable coins, thereby ensuring a more fluid movement of assets and capital across these sectors.


Zoth’s full deployment on Boba Network is a landmark development in the quest to revolutionize global trade finance. Zoth underscores its commitment to innovation, user-centric design, and the creation of a more efficient, transparent, and inclusive financial ecosystem. This deployment invites participants from all corners of the finance world to explore the vast potential of Zoth’s ecosystem on Boba Network and take part in shaping the future of trade finance.



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